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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marc Faber, Bernanke will bring QE 18

Dr.Marc Faber on CNBC this morning talks about Japan and the continual money printing from Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve. Joe Kernan is doing the interview and they were a bit rude. They were totally dismissive and acted like he is crazy. Marc Faber has been right so far and I am willing to be that he will continue to be right. Faber says there will be a continuous quantitative easing program (money printing) and he calls it QE18.""We may drop 10 to 15 percent. Then QE 2 will come, (then) QE 4, QE 5, QE 6, QE 7—whatever you want. The money printer will continue to print, that I'm sure," said the author of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report. Later in the interview, he added, "Actually I made a mistake. I meant to say QE 18."""This huge selloff is an investment opportunity in Japanese equities, but if a meltdown occurs then all bets are off," Marc Faber added.

Contrarian Investor Dr.Marc Faber is an international investor known for his uncanny predictions of the stock market and futures markets around the world.

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