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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The geopolitical and economic conditions in the world are wosening

Marc Faber : This is a good question because essentially what you could get in the world is worsening geopolitical and economic conditions. Let's say Israel attacks Iran. It's a negative event basically but it could be counted by monetisation everywhere in the world in other words liquidity injections. So stocks could go up while conditions worsen. This usually happens when you massively inflate the quantity of money but from the mentally sound market in my opinion will only come about when the system has been cleaned and moved down after the financial crises of 2008 is essentially just painting the building with fresh paint but we haven't addressed the fundamental problems of the Western world which is an over indebted society.

Contrarian Investor Dr.Marc Faber is an international investor known for his uncanny predictions of the stock market and futures markets around the world.

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